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The free database of franchise outlets in the U.S.

About Peter & FranScope

I am an investor based in NYC and Washington D.C. I have reviewed several opportunities to invest in both franchisors and franchisees. In reviewing potential investment opportunities, I have found it difficult to use FDDs and public information to answer key questions.

FranScope is database tool providing key information on thousands of franchisees and franchise outlets in the United States. I built FranScope to get a complete and searchable view of the franchise market in the U.S. I expect that this site will be useful to franchisors, franchisees, lenders, brokers, and landlords. So far, I’ve only uploaded data for a few franchisors, but I’m adding more! I’ve also included a free for-sale listing service.

I encourage you to Sign Up and create a username for free. Once you have an account, you can:

  • Bookmark outlets of interest and save them to your profile
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I also encourage you to read my blog for insights developed with FranScope.

Finally, please contact me to discuss how I can improve FranScope or to discuss opportunities in franchise M&A and finance.